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real talk for real


Child support, bankruptcy trail former NBA player Caffey, blames 'making it rain'

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Four years and tens of millions of dollars after his NBA career ended, Mobile native Jason Caffey is in bankruptcy court seeking protection from creditors, who include seven women with whom he has had eight children.
Caffey's child-support problems landed him in jail in Tuscaloosa earlier this year and drew an arrest warrant in Georgia.
"The only reason I filed bankruptcy was to get these arrest warrants off me," he said in an interview last week.

seriously, 8 kids, 7 women, damn


This should not be read standing up....

Rick Ross talks to white people

Full Disclosure: I put in work for and other then the news feed on the right panel I try to keep things semi-separate between RS and HMS but this story was too funny to pass up

Check this excerpt from an Intern is transcribing a situation from when Austin Scaggs (easily one of my favorite writers right now) is interviewing Rick Ross

Hilarity. Check the article.


New Hi Fidel Interview

Check out Hi Fidel's interview with Minn. Twin's fanboy Ben Westhoff.

Some of the highlights include
-Talk about Company of Wolves
-Talk of future projects
-History behind Fidel's alter egos and how Fidel and Geti had a Sharks and Jets relationship back in the day.
-The realization that Fidel has no clue who Berk is.

Its all rather entertaining.

Def Jux to offer more then Def Jux downloads

Wehave touched on this previously but I forget. But check it out, Def Jux is going to start banking on other labels by allowing their fans to download non Def Jux artist music. From